J. Boutari & Son Wineries S.A.

From new beginning to the very pinacle

Established in 1879 and having remained in the hands of the Boutari Family for five successive generations, the Boutari Company still belongs to a powerful European wine-making family. Since the day of its establishment to this very day, the company’s philosophy has remained the unwavering belief in the ongoing search for the best. As a result of this, the name Boutari is interwoven with both the new beginnings and the very pinnacle of modern Greek wine-making.

Uniqueness and innovation

Dedicated to the concept of absolute quality, without compromise, and unwavering in its opposition to conformist practices, the Boutari Group over its recent history has moved towards a new way of thinking in the field of producing and vinifying wine with the creation of Local Wineries. These wineries gave, and continue to give it, exceptionally strong comparative advantages, ensuring that it always uses qualitatively superior raw materials, optimum vinification and consistent marketing practices. In addition, they ensure unique interpersonal communication thanks to the tens of thousands of Greek and foreign visitors who, every year, are shown around the company”s wine-making centres. In 2004, the company added a new local winery at Fantaxometocho on Crete to its existing wineries at Stenimacho in Naoussa, Filyria in Goumenissa, Megalohori on Santorini and at Mantinia in Arcadia.

Consistency and Continuity

The rise of the company, and more so, its establishment in the world of wine internationally, has been absolutely dependent on consistency and continuity, on its philosophy, on the search for the best, on quality.

One of the most important events in the company’s recent history was ISO 9002 certification, added by Boutari to its comparative advantages in 1993, making it the first company in the sector in Greece and among the first in Europe to achieve such certification.

Horizontal Integration

The acquisition of the Cambas Winery in 1991 – the oldest winery in Attica – strengthened the Group’s position in the wine market in Greece and abroad, resulting in immense economies of scale in both the production and commercial sectors.

An extensive product range

The company firmly believes in the need to respond to the vinic requirements of the modern consumer across the entire range of the socio-economic pyramid. So, its product policy bearing this in mind offers the Greek public one of the widest ranges of wine products available worldwide. All the company’s products, regardless of category, stand out for their optimum relationship of quality to price, which in terms of vinification is a standing objective, while also being a major marketing tool. Equally important is Boutari’s involvement (on an almost exclusive basis) with certified, top quality wine-growing regions in Greece (VQPRD).