Boutari Group

Historical Background


Company Established

John Boutaris established a family winery in Naoussa called “J. Boutari & Son S.A.”.


The creation of Boutari Naoussa wine

The first vintage of Boutari Naoussa, the first red wine to be released bottled on the Greek market.


Growth in Greece and abroad

Boutari Naoussa acquired first place in the preferences of Greek consumers. The company’s building facilities were extended with new products being created and export activities to Egypt, Turkey, Austria and Japan commenced.


Investments in vineyards and wineries

During the 1970s the first vin delimite de qualite superieure (VDQS) vineyard was planted, production was extended, new products were developed and wineries and vineyards were established in VDQS regions.


The company expanded into the foodstuffs market

In 1984, with Boutari having attained first place in the bottled wine sector with a market share above 20%, it was decided to expand into the wider foodstuffs sector by acquiring the company Vosinakis S.A., the second largest crisp bread manufacturer in Greece.


Listing on the Athens Stock Exchange

In 1987 Boutari was one of the first companies in the drinks sector to list on the Athens Stock Exchange.


Expansion into the drinks sector

In 1988, as part of the Company”s strategy to expand into the beverages sector, Boutari began trading and distributing the products of United Distillers PLC (now Diageo) in Greece. In 1989 United Distillers Boutari (UDB) was established which became the fastest developing United Distillers company worldwide. In 1990 UDB acquired exclusive dealership and distribution rights for Bacardi products in Greece.


New expansion in the wine sector

In 1991 the Company acquired 67% of the shares in A. Cambas S.A., the oldest wine-making company in Attica with extensive property assets covering around 150,000 m2.


Expansion into the beer and water sectors

In 1992 the company acquired 67% of the shares in the brewing company Henninger Hellas S.A. from the French multinational B.S.N, which it renamed Northern Greece Brewery S.A. At the same time, it secured an exclusive dealership agreement and distribution rights for Evian mineral water in Greece. One year later it reached an agreement with Tuborg International for the exclusive production, promotion and distribution of Tuborg beer in Greece and the Balkans.


Focus on low alcohol products

In an effort to focus on low alcohol drinks the Company decided to sell its holding in United Distillers Boutari to United Distillers PLC and sell Vosinakis S.A. to the FAGE Group.

Establishment of the Boutari Group

In order to better manage Company resources, the wine-making division was split from the Company and the Group”s parent company “J. Boutari & Son Holding S.A.”, a holdings and investments company, was established. Following the split of the wine-making division, a subsidiary wine-making company was established with the corporate name “J. Boutari & Son Winery S.A.”.


Entry into the soft drinks sector

The Group’s subsidiary company, A. Cambas S.A., dynamically entered the soft drinks sector with an agreement with Schweppes Europe for the exclusive production, sale and marketing of Schweppes soft drinks in Europe.

Sale of A. Cambas S.A’s property

The Boutari Group sold the property assets and all shares in the listed company A. Cambas S.A. to a group of investors in the construction sector while retaining the wine-making division and the right to exploit the company”s brand names.


Collaboration with the french company Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin

J. Boutari & Son Winery took over exclusive distribution and marketing of products from the famous French company Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin in Greece.


The birth of a MYTH(os)

The new Greek beer “Mythos” was successfully introduced onto the Greek market.


The range of wines expanded

J. Boutari & Son Winery S.A. commenced two extremely important collaborations with very well known, acclaimed wine firms abroad, the Italian Antinori Wines and the Chilean Montes Chile Wines.


A new effective commercial brand

In 1998 in order to better serve the market and achieve economies of scale, a subsidiary company, “Boutari Drinks Commercial & Industrial Company S.A.” was set up and it was appointed as the sole reseller of products from J. Boutari & Son Winery S.A. and Northern Greece Brewery S.A. on the Greek market.


Strategic collaboration with institutional investors

In June 1999 an agreement was signed to allow institutional investors to participate in the share capital of subsidiaries in the Boutari Group, under the coordination of Global Finance S.A.


Share capital increase

In October 2000 the company”s share capital increase via a rights issue was successfully completed on the Athens Stock Exchange. At the same time, increases in share capital for subsidiaries were also completed with the participation of their other shareholders.


Strategic collaboration with SCOTTISH & NEWCASTLE PLC

The Boutari Group entered into a strategic alliance with Scottish & Newcastle PLC, the second largest brewery in Europe. S&N has invested in Mythos beer by acquiring 46.53% of shares in Mythos Brewery S.A.