Trofodomiki S.A.

The Company

Following a decision taken by the Company”s Extraordinary General Meeting of shareholders on 16/4/2002, the corporate name of this company was changed from Boutari Commercial S.A. to Trofodomiki S.A., effective as of 1/5/2002. The previous corporate name of “Boutari Industrial and Commercial Drinks Company S.A.” trading as “Boutari Commercial S.A.” had been in use between 1997 and 1/5/2002. Up until the end of 1997, the corporate name of the company had been “Andreas Cambas Winery – Brewery S.A.” trading as “Andreas Cambas S.A.”.


The company had initially been established in 1995. From 1998 onwards the company gradually stopped its productive activity and developed into a central company for promoting, marketing and selling all products and merchandise available from the Group. During 1999 it assumed responsibility for distributing the Group”s products. At the beginning of 2001 the companies I. Boutari & Son Winery S.A. and Mythos Brewery S.A. assumed responsibility for the commercial promotion of their own products on the Greek market, an activity which up until the 2000 accounting period had been carried on by the Company.


The Company”s registered offices are today in Pikermi although its first seat had been the Municipality of Pallini.