With a distinction that could be portrayed as historical and extremely important for Greece and Greek wine, the year of 2007 ended with great achievements for the Boutari company. The American magazine Wine & Spirits recently honored  Boutari with the award of “International Winery of the Year” for the 11th year, thus ranking it amongst the top ten wineries of the world. This award refers to the international recognition of the fine quality and unique character of Boutari wines.

Representing the only Greek winery to be awarded with this worthy distinction, the Boutari company is turning the pages of history, by signing on the evolution, the quality and the future of Greek wine. With a successful course of 130 years, Boutari wines have been awarded by the International Wine Contests while the company stands worthily next to great international  wineries such as Penfolds, Antinori, Chateau Ste. Michelle, Concha y Toro, Shafer, etc.

The Boutari brand has won over more than 270 awards for its wines in the last few years, at large and established international wine contests, such as Concours Mondial De Bruxelles, Internatonal Wine & Spirits Competition, Decanter, International Contest of Thessaloniki etc, thus promoting Greek wine internationally and certifying the excellent work of the company’s oenological team, as well as its emphasis on quality. Wines that have been distinguished and have received the best reviews include: “Skalani”, “4 Epoches”, “Filiria”, “Ode”, “Malagouzia”, “Vinsanto”, “Grande Reserve”.