“Even if you know nothing about Greek wine, in all likelihood you’ll have heard the name Boutari.”

This is how the US periodical Wine & Spirits prefaces its choice of Boutari for its distinction as Winery of the Year 2001. The company’s long tradition and persistence in consistently high quality earned the praise and recognition of Wine & Spirits, which for the fifth time renewed its vote of confidence, firmly establishing Boutari as the leading winery in Greece.

Wine & Spirits enjoys a wide readership worldwide and is considered to be among the most authoritative periodicals in its field. The selection process, which classifies entries by country and wine-producing region, is conducted by wine-tasting trials held throughout the year. Wine producers with the best performance are recognised as International Wineries of the Year and are ranked on a list of the world’s best wineries.

As reported in the relevant article, Boutari’s distinction was based on its history and progress, the impact of its pioneering initiatives on wine production in Greece, and its products which are constantly being acclaimed and which reflect the company’s drive and vigour.

Moreover, it is indicative that in a special edition of Wine & Spirits listing the world’s top 100 wines for the year 2000 (Annual Buying Guide), Santorini Boutari is rated as the best wine in the Asyrtiko variety. The selection was made following tastings of 5,239 wines from around the world.